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The education world is changing rapidly. The respective roles of LEAs and schools have changed dramatically. LEAs have shifted away from being primarily service providers to schools towards a more strategic focus. Schools themselves feel comfortable making choices about service provision, basing these choices on quality, reliability, and value for money.

MJR Consultancy has responded positively and dynamically to this new world, which provides opportunity and challenge in equal measure. For schools, MJR Consultancy offers an alternative source of management support, combining local authority expertise and values with greater efficiency and flexibility. And we offer LEAs hands-on consultancy and strategic support to refocus service provision towards the new climate. Take a look at our services by clicking here.

We believe that we combine the best of both the public and private sectors. Because of our experience of the education world we have an in-depth understanding of how schools and LEAs work. We supplement that understanding with a flexible and creative approach to service provision, constantly striving to learn and improve. Free from large-scale organisational constraints, we are able to respond quickly and dynamically to our clients’ needs.

There are no blurred lines at MJR Consultancy: we offer quality services within a competitive and attractive pricing structure. But we don’t offer something for nothing, and we won’t undercut our competitors by sacrificing quality. We do, however, believe in keeping our promises.