Database Development
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LEA Education Human Resources teams these days are expected to offer more than just an administration service. They are also expected to provide their clients – whether schools, internal departments, or external organisations – with services covering data provision, strategic planning, and HR development. Old-style manual personnel systems no longer suffice. What is needed is a dynamic data-driven management system enabling your staff to focus on adding value to the bottom line and making a difference.

The MJR Schools Personnel Manager provides an ideal network-compatible solution. A ready made database customised to education HR requirements, we guarantee that this management system will transform your working practices, resulting in dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity, and service quality.

The MJR Schools Personnel Manager consists of the following principle components:

An automated letter system related to education HR activities
A range of impressive action capabilities, such as the facility to send data electronically directly from the Database
Customisable reports relating to the above
Employee relations case records· Leave of absence records
Pre-appointment check records· School employee records
Sickness and maternity leave records
Support staff post and salary records
Teacher post and salary records
Termination records

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