Human Resources
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The nature of schools personnel is changing rapidly. It used to be just about salary assessments, starter forms, and so on. Those things still matter of course. But what matters equally in the current climate of self-management and self-evaluation is HR support that meets the school’s strategic needs as well as its day-to-day requirements.

With a proven track record (see Client List for further information), our schools personnel service offers a mix of effective support and advice supplemented by across-the-board expertise and an attractive price menu.

There are compelling reasons why your school should consider MJR Consultancy’s schools personnel service over other options:

It is managed by a former Head of Education Personnel Services.
We have extensive experience of providing personnel services to schools.
Our schools personnel client base is rapidly expanding, showing the growing popularity of our services.

Our Schools Personnel Service comprises of advisory support and administration support. These services are available on a per-employee or pay-as-you-use fee basis, and can be bought separately or together.

Any school may receive a free copy of our termly Schools Personnel newsletter. The newsletter makes lively, interesting reading. It covers up and coming HR issues, education-specific matters, employment law changes, and good practice guidance.

Click Here to download the current edition of our Schools Personnel Newsletter.